27 YEARS, TWO SYSTEMS, ONE CUSTOMER FOR LIFE - How Tivoli has powered one customer's lifelong passion for music

How Tivoli has powered one customer's lifelong passion for music

Peter Parkinson is a long-time HiFi and music enthusiast. His passion started as a teen in the sixties when he was first introduced to the likes of Cream and Jimi Hendrix. His first music player was an HMV turntable with built-in amp and speakers, that would be turned up full volume in his bedroom – much to the chagrin of his parents.

He soon developed a love of more music styles – jazz in particular –and his music and HiFi collection started to grow as he shared his passion with his wife and his four children.

“I’m the mad HiFi buff in the family. I just love listening to it, every opportunity I get there’ll be music playing.” – Peter

Giving sound a new look

Peter’s HiFi system has come a long way since the sixties, with multiple purchases and upgrades over time. But it was in 1993 that he first visited Tivoli to purchase a new Arcam system, including a pair of Bowers & Wilkins 803 floor-standing speakers.

“I’d previously purchased HiFi from various providers, but this time I was looking for a higher-end system. So, I was recommended to go to Tivoli” – Peter

The quality was second to none, and he was thrilled with the sound. His wife, however, wasn’t so thrilled with how the speakers looked – extra tall, bright red cedar.

In 2017, flooding ruined a large section of their home, requiring them to undertake an extensive refurbishment. Although the speakers weren’t damaged, Peter finally agreed to update them for something a little easier on the eye that would suit the updated look of their home.

Where else but Tivoli?

Over 20 years after he first walked in, Peter returned to the Tivoli showroom to replace his much-loved speakers. There was no chance he’d be going anywhere else.

“If you’re looking for a HiFi, you wouldn’t go anywhere else. Tivoli has the best quality products and the best places to listen to them.” – Peter

Peter and his wife went out to Tivoli on a Saturday afternoon intending to pick up a couple of new speakers. Instead, they came away with two new piano black B&W 804D3 Diamond floor-standing speakers, a Linn LP12 turntable, a Linn Majik DSM music server, a Cocktail Audio X40 and a Linn Akurate 2200 amplifier.

“We decided, after a fabulous and thorough Tivoli presentation, to get a whole new, significantly upgraded system.” – Peter

They now have a system that spreads throughout their entire home, with the main system in the living room and speakers throughout two bedrooms and the study.

A personalised system with all the extras


While first a bit shocked at themselves for going all out, as soon as the new system was installed Peter and his wife had no regrets about their purchases.

“The sound quality now is significantly improved from where I had it before and now I have every source to choose from, vinyl, CD, Music database and Tidal streaming, with lots of volume when I need it.” – Peter

Peter can’t say enough good things about his new system, but some of the real highlights for him are:

Product Quality & Performance
Peter was able to choose a mixture of products and brands for his new system, that suited his needs and his ear. The central system, including music streamer, pre-amp and power amp and turntable, are Linn, His floor speakers are (in ode to his favourite 803’s) Bowers & Wilkins 804D3’s. Peter has extended the system throughout the home via Linn Sneaky DS amplifiers, B&W 601 Bookshelf speakers and B&W ceiling speakers, all fitted by Tivoli.

Total control
If they feel like a change of mood or volume, Peter and his wife have the power to remotely control volume and style throughout the house – or even change it from room to room if desired.

Vinyl Experience
Peter’s equipment allows him to get the same sound quality from his much-loved vinyls as he does any other music. He loves the sound of vinyl. Miles Davis’s Kind of Blue sounds just as good now as the day it was recorded in 1959.

One-point access
Peter has been able to connect his system to Roon, a feature that allows him to access all his music – whether on CDs, iTunes, or Tidal – in one place, and control it remotely.

“The sound quality and the separation of the sound of the highs and lows of my new system is just absolutely brilliant. I’m really happy with it, and it just suits the environment of our home.” – Peter

The Tivoli difference


Peter isn’t quiet about his love for Tivoli, but there were a few specific reasons that he was so pleased with the experience this time around:

One big difference with Tivoli is the set-up of their listening rooms, and the ability to demo different products and brands in different settings.

“Demo’s are incredibly important because we all have different ears, and some systems will sound so much better for some people. It really is a personal thing. Additionally, the folk at Tivoli allow you the patience to adapt to your own listening requirements without a sales pitch” – Peter

In both his 1993 and 2017 systems, Peter received expert installation from Tivoli. The Tivoli team delivered, fitted, installed and tested his new equipment in Peter’s home as part of their service delivery.

Technical help
As mentioned, one of the key parts of Peter’s set up now is Roon, which allows him to access all his music easily. Due to some streaming and internet issues with his home computer system, the initial set up proved a little difficult. But, Tivoli specialists came out to Peter’s home several times to help rectify the problems by installing Roon and to ensure it was working seamlessly.

“The attention to detail and their forensic and friendly approach is fantastic” – Peter

Special events
Tivoli’s connection with their suppliers is special and allows customers to get involved on a deeper level. A representative from Linn came out from Scotland to an event at Tivoli, and Peter had his LP12 turntable personally upgraded by him – an experience Peter was thrilled to be a part of.

“The relationship that Tivoli has with their suppliers, and the way they back their products, it’s really, really good.” – Peter

Last year, Peter attended a HiFi show and tested out some top of the range, $300,000 systems, way more expensive than his. But when he went home to play his own, he reckons it was even better – the perfect sound quality for him.

While his set up is complete for now, it hasn’t kept Peter away from Tivoli. Over the years he’s turned to Tivoli to source HiFi products for his kids and his friends.

I’ve spent time in other HiFi shops and good quality shops, but the layout that Tivoli has, their knowledge and personal approach to things are the best I’ve seen.” – Peter

Find your sound excellence


Tivoli HiFi has been helping music lovers achieve their perfect HiFi set up for over 45 years. Our staff has expert knowledge, and our nine demonstration rooms are set up to mimic your own spaces, ensuring you get a trial experience that matches your home environment as closely as possible.

To get started on your journey to sound excellence, visit our Melbourne showroom or contact us via the below:

Email: info@tivolihifi.com.au
Phone: (03) 9813 3533.

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