Discovering the world’s best HiFi: Get to know Dynaudio

Dynaudio speakers

Dynaudio is a well-known and highly respected brand name on the global HiFi scene. With decades of expertise, research and development behind them, Dynaudio speakers are some of the most technically advanced available.

Whether you're in the market for new speakers or you're simply interested in learning more about HiFi, it can be helpful to know the background, capabilities and specialities of a brand like Dynaudio.

This is especially important if you're serious about investing in HiFi. Just like different products suit different people, so do brands. Dynaudio, while amazing, won't be right for everybody.

Tivoli has been working with Dynaudio for close to 45 years. So we're sharing some great insights into the brand, their products, and exactly what puts them amongst the best in the world.

Built on a foundation of ground-breaking R&D


Originating in Denmark in the 1970s, Dynaudio started manufacturing drivers under the name SenLab. Not long after, they moved beyond drivers to entire speakers and also made the switch to their now well-known moniker.

Dynaudio soon became known as one of the most impressive and technically advanced speaker manufacturers in the world. What set them apart back then (and still does to this day), was their commitment and focus on research and development. It's this dedication that is a significant factor in the quality of their products, and what has seen them endure in a competitive market for so many years.

Today, they are one of a few brands in the HiFi world that still focus on research and development. And, unlike many brands, they still manufacture every single piece of their products in-house in Denmark.

While Dynaudio is best known for their drivers, whose technology and development go far beyond nearly any other on the market, their unmatchable research extends further than products. Dynaudio has developed testing facilities other manufacturers can only dream of.

Unlike most manufacturers who use anechoic chambers to test and measure their products, Dynaudio is far more advanced. They've developed a state-of-the-art, robotic test facility named Jupiter.

The testing facility includes:

  • A room measuring 13 metres in every direction
  • 31 microphones that are all spaced at six degrees from each other
  • The capacity to measure a speaker and its performance within a day

This set-up allows them to ensure each speaker delivers the perfect sound quality efficiently and effectively. The same measurements would take over a week in an anechoic chamber.

Dynaudio is impressive, but is it for me?


It's already pretty clear why Dynaudio speakers are some of the best on the market. But on top of their history and dedication to testing and research, each of their products includes one-of-a-kind driver technology that includes:

  • Hexacoil Technology (giving their drivers 30% more efficiency)
  • Ferrofluid Technology (providing better power handling)
  • Magnesium Silicate Polymer (MSP) Cones

Not everyone will understand these technical details (or want to!) But it's an integral part of what Dynaudio do, and it’s what makes their products unique and ensure superb performance.

(Want to know more about their technology? Head to the online Dynauio academy).

While all these details help Dynaudio rank as one of "the best" HiFi brands, it doesn't necessarily mean they're the best for everyone. Dynaudio suits a specific need and can prove disappointing for those searching for something different.

Dynaudio can be right for you if you're looking for:

Accurate music portrayal. If you want the way you experience and hear your music to be as close as possible to the real deal – like it's being performed live in front of you. For serious music listeners with an ear for perfection.

Dynaudio might not be the best choice if you're looking for:

Out of this world power and volume. While Dynaudio speakers are absolutely capable of producing outstanding volume, due to their focus on producing sound clarity as close as possible to perfect, they are less able to deliver that ‘disco’ level volume required by some listeners.

You've got to hear it to believe it


Knowing more about a brand is an excellent way to decide whether it's right for you. But it should never be the only thing to think about.

If you're interested in a Dynaudio product, there are a few things you should do before you commit:

  • Do your research. Head to Dynaudio online academy to learn, in detail, about their different products and technology
  • Consider exactly how you'll be using your speakers and what you like to listen to
  • Talk to an expert about your needs and your HiFi set-up
  • Try Dynaudio speakers out in a premium listening environment

Tivoli HiFi is uniquely positioned to help those interested in the Dynaudio brand and their products – and not just because of our facilities and expertise. Tivoli has a special relationship with Dynaudio, first discovering them in the '70s, and quickly securing distribution rights for Australia. It was obvious even then that Dynaudio was unique – and a cut above the rest.

Impressed by their quality and dedication to research, Tivoli has maintained a close relationship with Dynaudio over the decades. Because of this, we have some insights into the best products out there. Not just in performance, but in value. When it comes to performance vs. cost, in our opinion, these three speakers take the cake:

Evoke 30 Floor Standing Speaker - RRP $5,495

Dynaudio evoke 30 speakers

Special 40 Bookshelf Speaker - RRP $4,699

Dynaudio special forty speakers

Emit 20 Bookshelf Speaker - RRP $1,295

Dynaudio Emit 20 bookshelf speaker

If you're interested in experiencing or purchasing Dynaudio products, you can discover their range of speakers online, or drop into Tivoli to test them out. On top of our normal safety and hygiene practices, we have stepped up our efforts in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. HiFi can still be experienced and enjoyed hygienically in-store. Walk-ins are welcome, or you can contact Tivoli here to organise an expert consultation.

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