Service & Installation

Set up your sound

At Tivoli, we support you well beyond the moment you leave the store. Our specialist installation team can help you with every step of the installation process.

We will deliver your new system to your address safely, install and optimise all system components within your home, and then finally we will help you navigate the complexities of operation to ensure you have the best auditory experience possible.

Even once your system is installed, we won’t leave you in the dark. Need additional support? Repairs? Perhaps you would like to trade your old system in? Whatever you need, choosing to buy from Tivoli Hi-Fi is choosing a lifetime of support for your purchase.


Additional Tivoli Hi-Fi services

Our team of experts are here to help you through every step of your audio-visual journey. That is why, as well as selling great Hi-Fi, home cinema and multi-room systems, we also offer the following special services:

  • Repair and refurbish phono cartridges

  • Re-tip and upgrade phono cartridges

  • Repair, renovate and refurbish turntables

  • Upgrade your amplifiers and preamplifiers

  • Resize and re-terminate your speaker and interconnect cables

  • On-site system assessment and upgrade advice

  • Room and subwoofer tuning

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