The ultimate in home audio and cinema systems.

Whether you're looking to create a cinema-like experience in your own home, or just want superior sound quality for your music listening pleasure, Tivoli Hi-Fi has you covered.

Typical System Project for Multi-room or Cinema room

Step 1:

  • Have a think about your desired areas of the house for music and/or movies and create a ‘wishlist’.
  • Book an appointment with one of our consultants and bring in your house plans, or for existing homes, bring in measurements and photos of the room.
  • Based on your wants/needs, we will help design a tailor-made audio/visual system for you. This will include discussions on wiring cables for speakers and televisions/projectors, including power and data cable requirements.


Step 2:
Quotation Discussions

  • Based on the initial appointment, we will prepare a detailed quote on all the discussed audio/visual products, which may include accessories, all the relevant cables, and installation.
  • Once you have had time to read through our proposal, we will then reconvene to answer any questions you may have and determine if any further modifications/additions are needed, which may result in a second version of the quote.


Step 3:

  • Acceptance of our proposal will typically involve a 30% deposit which would cover all the pre-wire of relevant cables at frame-stage, be that for a new build or renovation. Typically the cables are run at the same time your electrical wiring is done – pre-plaster.
  • With existing homes, we will run cables behind current walls/ceilings if applicable. We will then install your products in-position and connect the wiring/cabling. Product installation requiring cut-outs to plaster will usually occur at the same time, depending on the size of the job.


Step 4:

  • Fit-off is preferably done once you have moved into your house. The balance of the proposal is due at least one day before the delivery and installation of the equipment.
  • Once you have had your internet services activated by your service provider, we will set up and calibrate all the audio-visual equipment and, most importantly, show you how to use the system.


Step 5:
After Sales support

  • After-sales support – From time to time, customers may have questions or require support on operating their system. We are here to help and you can rest assured you have our support. We can provide help over email/phone and/or, for more advanced issues, we can book-in a service call to solve any issues you may have onsite.