Your very own home Cinema experience

Bring the experience of cinema into the comfort of your own home and make every movie experience a cinematic event.

Our range of high-end home cinema systems aim to bring the commercial cinema experience into your very own home.

We very much subscribe to the old saying that the sound is just as important if not more than a large picture to give you the full cinema experience.
That is why we bring the world’s best audio equipment to your home cinema – including dedicated cinema speakers, multichannel sound systems, amps, satellite, and flush mount speakers.
But don’t think that we only service the sound. The world’s best sound needs a large television or projector to do it justice. So, when it comes to the visuals, we only settle for the best.

We have audio/visual consultants and installers with decades of experience who are more than happy to take you through the design/planning stages of your project, including liaising with your architect and/or builder, and can provide quotes on supply and installation of all the relevant equipment.
Struggling for where to start? Have a look at our carefully curated Home Cinema Systems that have been matched to give you performance far beyond the price.