As a family-owned business launched way back in 1973, Philippe Luder’s vision was borne out of a long-standing love for music—a store that will cater to those looking for an audio experience above and well beyond the ordinary.

This was the birth of Tivoli Hi-Fi.

For Phillippe, this meant navigating the volatile changes to audio – including audio mediums such as the 8 track, tape, compact disc and the phoenix-like resurrection of vinyl — they all came and went.

But a commitment to the uncompromised sound quality of the world’s best audio brands, enhanced by brilliant service and expert advice embodied the vision.

Before long, Tivoli Hi-Fi became a Melbourne institution – a destination for true lovers of music that wanted the best possible sound, unobtainable from conventional Hi-Fi retailers.

This philosophy separates Tivoli Hi-Fi from every other Hi-Fi retailer in Melbourne. To this day Philippe Luder’s vision – a commitment to music with sublime audio quality and service – drives Tivoli’s commitment to sound and its customers. 

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