Garrott Brothers K3 Phono Cartridge

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The third of the Garrott cartridges has a Garrott Supertrack 3 (Shibata style) stylus, which gives vastly improved contact with the groove walls compared to a conical or eliptical shape. This is a very good step up from the common types of cartridge that many turntables were fitted with in the past, many of which were produced by Audio Technica or Shure. It is compatible with most turntable/arm combos of the "detachable headshell" or one-piece tubular type and will perform well with the usual MM (moving magnet) phono input on most amplifiers.


Diamond Stylus Garrott Supertrack 3 (Shibata style)
System Type Moving Magnet
Frequency Response 20Hz-20Khz +/- 2dB
Channel Separation 25dB (typical) @ 1KHz
Weight 5.8 Grams
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