The Making of Direct to Disk – Lyn Stanley

The Making of Direct to Disk – Lyn Stanley

Watch this video where acclaimed international Jazz artist Lyn Stanley narrates her recent Direct to Disk recording experience with team Tivoli.

Have you ever imagined what happens behind the scenes of writing and composing that favourite song of yours?

You love the lyrics, you love the beat and the tempo of the song but what is it that your favourite artists and their team of musicians have to go through in order to create that magical track that makes you and the millions of music fanatics listen to it on loop.

In a crunch situation like Direct to Disk recording, achieving ultimate sound clarity becomes pivotal for every artist and his team of musicians. We at Tivoli understand such equipment needs and the importance of sound clarity during your listening experience.

Get in touch with our team for consulting on getting a premium music experience like a recording studio right in the comfort of your home.


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